Crying with laughter

Sometimes the responses section on online news articles are enough to make you cry, but today we’ve been having a whale of a time on the Guardian Society webpages.

If you haven’t already checked out Lansley’s Second Thoughts, then do. The responses section will have you rolling around with laughter 🙂

Here’s a selection of some of of our favourites:

Growing numbers are backing my NHS reforms?

No they’re not.

You keep bandying about this figure of 141 consortia as if it means anything. That hasn’t changed – you’ve been saying it for months. And lest you forget Lansley – that doesn’t mean they agree with you – just want ot make sure they’re involved.

“Sunlight is the best disinfectant.”

No it isn’t.

An election would be – to get rid of you and this unholy cabal destroying the NHS.


It is blindingly obvious that Lansley is the only one speaking out in support of his reforms. What’s that? The deafening sound of silent support from GPs.


My partner is a Doctor, we have lots of Docs as friends, some are even GPs and not a single one (not ONE!) supports this reform, or as they like to refer to it – the death of the NHS as we know it. I also work in the NHS and not only is moral at an all time low we really fear for our ability to deliver proper care for our patients.

You’re full of it Lanslay and fooling no one. The only ones to benefit from this are greedy GPs and your private healthcare providing chums…. please see the link below to find out who is steering the “reforms” and who will pocket the loot. I for one do not want my tax to line the pockets of medical corporations. I guess I will have to look into getting my cash out of the UK in some form of tax dodge. I shall write to my MP to find out how he manages it…..

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