So, just how is David Cameron’s big society going?

Even his own big society advisor has said that it is an idea becoming “increasingly loathed by the public”. So how about the Prime Minister’s answers to some tricky questions posed about the NHS yesterday during Prime Minister’s Questions, a fundamental flagship for bringing control and coordination to local authorities and the public.

A question from Labour MP Gisela Stuart queried his increases in midwives that he had proposed pre-election. Avoidance a key tactic, he stated that the Tory’s were increasing the overall NHS budget to allow for increases in services, but evidence  has been shown on the contrary, where in fact overall spending is to decrease, if only marginally, in real terms.

David Nutall, himself a conservative MP, asked the reasons behind the closure of a maternity hospital within his constituency, when the PM had previously promised it would remain open. His reply contained the sense that with the input of the reforms that “hospitals will thrive when local people use and value them”, surely a pathway for creation of inequality as the worst hospitals get worse and the best just get better.

Angela Smith a labour MP, asked him directly within a question if the PM “understood the price of everything but the value of nothing” on the issue of selling of forests. For this particular subject he has promised that he will be consulting on it and listening to people’s views. Doesn’t it seem a bit unfair that he will listen to the public’s views on forests, but not on their health?

Valerie Vaz also a labour MP, particularly concerned with the economics surrounding the reforms made three statements about them to the PM: firstly, that provisions for the bill were not costed before or after the election; secondly the extension to commercial providers and that, as a result, “the NHS is not safe in the hands of the government, but hands are in the safe of the NHS”. Avoidance of the question with a quote on the plans themselves has left the question of the economic justification and motives as yet unanswered by the PM himself.

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