Get Loved Up

Although most of us would like to believe that Valentines Day was thought up by the Greetings Card industry, dig a litte deeper into history and the true origins of this dreaded day actually began over 400 years ago.

In 1477 Margery Brews scribbled a love letter to her betrothed, John Paston, pleading with him not to give up on her, despite her parents refusal to increase the dowry.

Addressing her “ryght welebeloued Voluntyne” – or in English, “Right well-beloved Valentine”, she promises her undying love: “Myne herte me bydds ever more to love yowe truly” (My heart me bids ever more to love you truly), and speaks of her ailing body and heart over her fiance’s continuing silence.

You might be wondering by this point what on Earth any of this ancient romance has to do with the NHS reforms? Well, in true Valentines style (as cheesy as it may seem) we thought we’d get on board with this love fest.

That’s right – today the Big Society NHS are jumping on the Valentines Day bandwagon to send our beloved Health Secretary a love letter of our own:


Enough of this flirting with private healthcare Lansley, you’re breaking our hearts. If you truly loved the NHS, then you’d recognise how valuable our publicly-funded health service is to this country.

We’re not ready to get in bed with any one else.

So give us another a chance, hear what your Big Society is trying to say and cool it down with your extra-marrital affairs.

We want honesty, respect and long-term commitment 🙂

So if you’re up for joining us this afternoon, follow bigsocietynhs on twitter to get more details of where and when we’ll be handing over our extra-special love letter

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