Forest U-turn: A glimmer of hope???

So, the Coalition has performed yet another U-turn and have decided not to sell off the Forests. What does that have to do with us NHS revolution campaigners I hear you ask! Well, its a piece of advice direct from the man himself, Mr Cameron! Dear reader, read on…!

“If you launch a policy consultation and you get a very strong and clear response, it is the right thing to do to be a listening government and respond to that.”

Cameron is stating clearly that the public have power. That’s us! If we can put together a “very strong” and “clear” response, then the government is all ears. They are not going to ramroad this revolution in our health system through against all advice, against all reasonable analysis…

Time is running short. We must respond to Mr Cameron. We must respond. We must respond now.

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2 Responses to Forest U-turn: A glimmer of hope???

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