Murder they wrote for the NHS


The NHS has been found stabbed through the heart outside the Department of Health, but who could have done it? BigSociety NHS investigates.

Seemingly oblivious to the horrendous murder that has taken place, David and Andrew start their day with Cally Palmer. They are asking her if she’ll let them operate in one of her theatres, but unfortunately only Cameron is allowed.

Lansley doesn’t seem too impressed with this decision, but, you win some, you lose some.

Cameron is gloved and ready to help. But later on………………

Did something go wrong perhaps?

Post-op everything seems to be OK. Well, at least he won’t have the death of that patient on his conscience. Also, good to see that he is adhering rigorously to infection control with his tie neatly tucked into his shirt.

Lansley is so lost without David Cameron by his side that he has to have a giant picture of his face projected behind him at all times. Although, who can tell who he is talking to, it could just be himself. Ah, the sound of Lansley's voice… going on… and on… and… on… and… …

Is that David Cameron stabbing the NHS with his thumb?

Whilst Lansley is left waiting... and waiting... and waiting...


He seems to be happy here, but isn’t saying exactly what he is going to axe? Is that to keep us guessing Lansley? Or is it because its everything?

Inside that booklet he’s holding seems to be these 3 letters… But he can’t quite remember what they stand for. Ah, yes: N…ational H…ealth S…ervice

Lansley appears to be cutting into a slice of the NHS with a very sharp knife. Perhaps he would like a piece of the action too.

Well they seem to have found each other and some others from their gang, but I wonder what Cameron is really thinking?

I knew it wouldn't be long before I got my answer

Andrew Lansley and David Cameron are relaxing in their pimped out caravan after a hard day’s work: but who really has blood on his hands?

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3 Responses to Murder they wrote for the NHS

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  3. Tim Smith says:

    serious issue, very amusing take on it
    : )

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