Photos from the GHC11 protest

Students from across the UK spell out "NHS" - this is what we want

Students attending the GHC11 in Cambridge gathered outside King’s College to spell out “NHS” in solidarity to our health service.

Andrew Lansley has his back turned to the NHS, please don't forget about us

We got an Andrew Lansley look alike to come along, and he couldn’t even look at the “NHS”. He was very disinterested in the public opinion and ignored them completely.

Care UK hand over cash to Andrew Lansley and he can't hear the NHS making noise behind him, he is oblivious

“Care UK” turned up, and handed Andrew Lansley a wad of cash. This definitely stopped him listening to the NHS despite their cries for help.

To stop Andrew Lansley forgetting about the NHS sign the 38 degrees petition and write to your MP using our draft letter. Together we can make him listen to us.

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One Response to Photos from the GHC11 protest

  1. Meg Howarth says:

    Please also sign, circulate, Tweet/RT: Results go direct to MPs.

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