Lansley rap – now on iTunes!

Andrew Lansley- Greedy!
Andrew Lansley- Tosser!

If you haven’t heard the Lansley rap yet… where have you been? The latest rap phenomenon concerning the passage of the Health and Social Care Bill 2010-11 is here!

Nicknamed the “Binman rap” – after rapper NxtGen’s day job – this viral youtube hit has now made it to iTunes where you can buy it for the princely sum of 79p!

BUY IT HERE: Let’s get it into the UK Top 40… spread the word!

p.s – it’s been into the Mirror, the Guardian (twice), the BBC, Top News Arab Emirates, Visit Bulgaria, and Lansley’s home constituency website Cambridge News to mention a few – can you get an article in somewhere?

p.p.s – #lansleyrap isn’t trending on Twitter…yet…

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