Your NHS in the News this week: 28th March – 4th April

With the possibility of another government U-turn, a former health secretary speaking out, rapping and protests this week’s new has been full of the NHS.

Breaking news…

Cameron signals retreat on NHS reforms

The Independent today reports that David Cameron is set to announce this week that the government is planning to have a 3 month pause in the progress of the Health and Social Care Bill through parliament. This is apparently to allow time to reassure patients, clinicians and coalition MPs. It is assumed that the policy will remain the same but key amendments will need to be made, as with all other bills that pass through parliament.

However, the BBC are saying that the talks in the next week involving Nick Clegg, David Cameron and Andrew Lansley are to make a “renewed drive” in promoting the NHS reforms. It should take the form of public meetings whereby they will alleviate concerns over the proposed changes.

The Daily Mail takes a more radical stance with “watering down” on the policies that have been set in the Bill, with GPs being able to opt out of consortia. Alongside this other flagship areas of the reforms are also set for further negotiation in an attempt to prevent a LibDem rebellion to the proposals.

Alan Milburn

A former health secretary, he is currently a government adviser on social mobility.

This week he described the reforms as confusing and unlikely to shift the power to the people, but more sideways with increasing bureaucracy. He criticises the formation of GP consortia in cutting bureaucracy as he believes that current PCT managers will be rehired to manage GP commissioning boards.

Any willing provider

Health Sciences Journal this week reported how Andrew Lansley is ‘rebranding’ the NHS reforms in hope of reversing the unpopularity of the reforms. With a change in wording from any willing to any qualified provider; a name change for both Monitor and the Care Quality Commission and; more focus on the NHS Commissioning Board.

NHS to become a brand name

Channel 4 News has reported that the reforms could abolish the principles upon which the NHS was founded and decrease it to merely a brand name and funding agency only. With an increase in the number of providers, patient charges and an abolition of the legal duties held by the government of the NHS.

Also in the news:

NxtGens Andrew Lansley Rap is now on iTunes to buy.

An article in the Telegraph showed that the reforms will increase postcode lotteries via variability in access to services. This is likely to impact those within lower social classes than those who are better off.

Several demonstrations occurred around the country on Friday 1st April for ‘All Together for the NHS’.

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