NHS Listening Exercise – New website launched!

A blog from the Big Society NHS Listening Exercise; check out our new web visualisation – www.whosupportsnhsreforms.org.uk

We are a group of people who proudly fond of the NHS, and we are worried that the coalition government isn’t listening.

Despite the recently announced ‘listening exercise‘, it seems that the

valid concerns of patients, doctors, nurses, patients, health systems experts and others are still being ignored by Andrew Lansley, who has suggested that the only problem is his being misunderstood.

As active members of the “Big Society” we want to help make it really clear what people think of what the Government proposes with this bill, which has been described as “the biggest reorganisation in the history of the NHS“.

Drawing inspiration from work such as Informationisbeautiful.net … we’ve created a similar visualisation to show who supports or opposes the government’s reforms.

This is up and ready for your contribution at www.whosupportsnhsreforms.org.uk

What we need from YOU:

1.)   Help us to crowd source what others (including organisations) think:

Help us to add unions, MPs, peers, think tanks, high profile persons, etc. who have publicly stated a position on the reforms.  This will be invaluable in contributing to public understanding of who is for and who is against the reforms.

Ask yourself; does X organisation support the NHS reforms proposed by the coalition government?

Click HERE to add your voice. (PS: please try to copy a link to something that shows us why you concluded what you did. Thanks!)

2.)    Please add yourself; tell us what you think, by answering the simple question: 

“Do you support the NHS reforms proposed by the coalition government?”

 Click HERE to add your voice. (actually the same form!)

 Thankyou for your help; we can’t do it alone!

The Big Society NHS Listening Exercise team

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