Our last chance to save the NHS?

BigSocietyNHS has been busily scurrying round the last week or so in an attempt to thwart the Health and Social Care Bill in parliament.  The Bill shall have its 3rd reading on the 6th and 7th of September; should it pass this stage, our last remaining hope is in the Lords throwing it out.  With recent polls suggesting merely one third of the general public supports the reforms, can there be any reason the bill passes to become law?  Read on for what you can do to stop this bill in its tracks and keep our health service in public hands.

So what can you still do?

1. Read our letters

BigSocietyNHS published two letters this weekend with friends and colleagues across the UK in the Guardian and Sunday Telegraph:


2. Adopt a Lord
Trade Unions and Labour have teamed up to mobilise lobbying of the Lords.  Enter your details and get given a Member of the House of Lords all to yourself.  Tell them what you think; it may be up to the Lords to decide the future of the NHS should Parliament accept the Bill this week.
3. Contact your  MP
It isn’t too late to contact your MP about the reforms.  Better yet, why not give them a call before the Bill is heard tomorrow?  Find your MP’s details at the link below.  Remember, you may be able to contact two politicians if you are a student in a different city from home.
4. Take part in the BMA’s NHS Reform Social Media Day
Several groups are hoping to create a ‘social media storm’ around the reforms in Parliament this week.  The more attention the bill receives the more lobbying and press coverage it may achieve.  Visit the link below to get started!
If you or your colleagues has any ideas get in touch.  And make sure to visit the groups below for more ideas!
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