Live Health and Social Care Bill

Ok folks, here we go – live blogging from H&SC Bill in its third reading

Ok – got to run out (sorry!) will be back tomorrow, but if you are actually tuned in, think you should follow @HPIAndyCowper on twitter for more great commentary

16.36 OSAL fumbles over his own response to 38 Degrees legal advice on duty of Secretary of State to provide a comprehensive healthcare service. He has no duty to provide in his eyes. Oh wait. Apparently he does and he’s just delegated it. I’m not sure he knows himself.

16.32 Charming. 38 Degrees described as poxy!

16.27 OSAL (Our Saviour and Liberator) details role of Monitor. Little unclear to the differing roles of Monitor and Office of Fair Trading ….. however still not explicit that “collaboration” is given equal weight as “competition”.

16.24 Oh Lansley’s here. Where did he sneak in from?

16.21 720 amendments made by government all list changing GP consortia to Commissioning Consortia – that’s why there are 720 of them. There’s one amendment for each mention of the term Consortia. Titillating

16.13 Whilst that’s going on, interesting to see  LibDem rebel Andrew George & semi-rebel John Pugh in huddle with Simon Hughes & Alistair Carmichael

16.08 Right, appears my computer is too old to be doing “live” blogging but as an update, they’re voting now on timetabling motion for Bill – results in a couple of minutes

15.58: Shadow Health Secretary Liz Kendall . Always a bit cringe listening to Labour defend NHS against privitisation but let’s see what else she’s got. 420 pages and 300 clauses in this Bill apparently

15.50: Simon Burns is up. It appears that the Bill has been the longest under scrutiny than any other Healthcare Bill in history. Does this mean he thinks it’s been well scrutinised? Or there’s so much to scrutiny to be had.

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2 Responses to Live Health and Social Care Bill

  1. Stop trying to convince us you’ve heard by telling us how many hours the Bill has been scrutinised for! That’s not what you’re paid for!!

  2. Very disappointing turnout on the coalition side

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