Midwives, Nurses and Doctors say: We Oppose the Bill

The ConDem coalition must listen: doctors, nurses and midwives now all oppose the bill and want it stopped.

Initially the major unions were attempting to negotiate with the Government, however this morning they have united in their complete opposition to the Health and Social Care Bill.

The Royal College of Nurses argue that “serious concerns expressed by members have not been addressed“. In addition they call the bill “a serious threat to the NHS” due to recent changes such as the increasing number of private patients that could be treated in NHS hospitals.

The Royal College of Midwives has also come out this morning calling for the Bill to be “scrapped” in it’s entirety. Cathy Warwick, Chief Exec of the RCM, said “Breaking up what we have, embracing the private sector, and injecting full-blown competition and market forces is not what the NHS needs or what health professionals and patients want…We join the growing chorus of voices calling for the bill to be withdrawn, and the proposed reforms stopped in their entirety.” And on this point Big Society NHS couldn’t agree with her more.

The British Medical Association also calls for the Bill to be rejected completely. Chair of the BMA, Hamish Meldrum, wrote in the Guardian this week stating that the Bill must be dropped and that it  “will result in widespread fragmentation of healthcare and work against integration with social care, not to mention the massive cost and destabilisation caused by yet another major reorganisation at a time of huge financial pressures“.

The Government must listen to them, to continue with the Bill in face of such blanket opposition would be arrogance and idocy in the extremest form.

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