Calling ALL Royal Colleges?

Lansley claims that his reforms are “empowering frontline health professionals”. Outcry from health professionals in all areas signifies that this is not the case.

Last week the Royal College of Midwives and the Royal College of Nurses came out against the Health and Social Care Bill. They join the BMA in publically opposing the Bill.

It remains that the Medical Royal Colleges have become key players in the passage of the Bill. These colleges represent influential medical professionals from all disciplines. If they were also to come out publicly against the Bill, it would surely be impossible for this Bill to pass.

Claire Gerada - President of the Royal College of GPs. 98% of GPs now support the complete withdrawal of the controversial Health and Social Care Bill.

If all important medical institution were outspokenly against the Bill, the Government would lose all credibility if the Bill was passed anyway. Colleges MUST act in the interest of their members.

Next week – meetings will be occurring in all colleges to decide what their position is on the Bill.

SO now is the time to put pressure on.

If YOU are a member of a Royal College, use this website to Lobby Your College

  • If you are a student – contact your tutors, teachers, lecturers and encouarage them to do the same.
  • Keep Active on Social Media – make use of #savethenhs and #healthbill

 Together we CAN save the NHS. 


About James Chan

I am the Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for The Green Party in the St Helens South and Whiston constituency. I grew up locally, before moving to Leeds in 2004 to study, and now work as an A&E doctor. I currently live in Eccleston, St Helens.
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