A final chance to nail the NHS reforms in the coffin?

The trio of ministerial ‘reformers’ to the NHS could be about to witness new challenges to their toxic proposals to overhaul our health service.  

This blog draws on news updates from http://eoin-clarke.blogspot.com/2012/02/andrew-lansley-covers-up-nhs-report.html

In a fortnight of breaking news on almost daily updates in the saga of the NHS reforms, news now comes that a previously-concealed document – the ‘Risk Register’ may have been leaked out into the open.  With its release comes some devastating pieces of information that may challenge Lansley’s NHS upheavals once and for all.

The Risk Register was developed for the Department of Health as an internal breakdown of risks and issues the Health and Social Care Bill could pose to the healthcare service.  Despite widespread calls for its release into the public domain, Lansley and the DoH staunchly refused, citing claims its findings would be “misleading“.  With even the Information Commissioner ruling the DoH was breaching the Freedom of Information Act by failing to disseminate the document, the DoH seemed able to stand up to criticism and conceal its potentially incendiary findings.

Claims now exist from leaked elements of the report that it refers to an upcoming huge “surge in health care costs and that the NHS will become unaffordable” as private companies siphon money to their interests.  The report apparently goes on to warn that GPs, who the Health Bill proposes shall take over healthcare commissioning, have no experience or skills to manage these costs and tasks effectively.

It will be difficult if these claims stand true for Lansley to brush off criticism that his reforms are unnecessary and over-costly.  It is clear from the spread of opposition that the Bill gains day by day that the next week that winning the debate in the Lords and Westminster will be no easy task for the govermnement.

It is crucial at this time that we mobilise together to put an end to these reforms once and for all.  With the BMA, the RCN, the RCGP, many of the other trade unions and medical colleges, along with hundreds if not thousands of other members of the public now standing in the way of Lansley’s backdoor privatisation of the NHS we see little chance these reforms can pass successfully into legislation.

Join us over the next week in standing up to power and keeping the NHS run for the public, by the public!

Are you worried about these allegations?

You can:

1) Sign a parliamentary Early Day Motion to call on Lansley to publish the report (http://www.parliament.uk/edm/2010-12/2659)

2) Lobby a member of the House of Lords ahead of their important debate next Thursday 2nd February (http://www.goingtowork.org.uk/peers/)

3)  Get in touch with Big Society NHS to put further pressure on the government to stop these reforms bigsocietynhs@gmail.com

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1 Response to A final chance to nail the NHS reforms in the coffin?

  1. ed sturtivant says:

    I see this indicates that the Tories are worried about the toxicity of this Bill.
    Ordinary people do not really understand the issues IMO, the question they are asking themselves is “So the NHS is changing, how does this affect me?” I think that if some straightforward examples of how the new NHS will affect ordinary people. Many pensioners are Tory supporters, this Bill will be an unwelcome present for them, insurance will not be an option for many, due to their age, past medical history etc. Many ordinary Tories simply do not believe that their own Party will dump on them, one of my Tory friends commented “They wouldn’t do that, if they make us, they will never win an election again!” he has had a heart bypass so no insurance for him, he will have to pay,, he will need to finance it by remortgaging his house, which could end up donating his house to the Banks that bought about the financial meltdown.
    I wrote to my Tory MP and told him, it will never be possible for the Tories to detoxify this Bill, if it becomes Law its effects will be long remembered that it was the Tories that betrayed the Public. The NHS is not a nationalised Car,Rail or Power company that employs greedy unionised employees. It is the most loved institution , 99% of the country love it, it is only the top 1% that want to undo it for doctrinaire or economic reasons , I advised him that if they really want to win the next election they should drop the Bill. Once people realise they have been had, it will not be possible for the Tories to minimise its negative effects, they won’t be able to blame Labour. As more and more of Joe Publics friends and loved ones start to suffer its consequences, I told him that the Bill has energised me into being political , I never got involved in politics until this dreadful Bill, I am sure I am not alone.
    DC will regret that dismal poster “I will cut the deficit not the NHS!” , if you have a Tory MP write to him, they clearly are worried. Conservative bloggers echo that concern.
    I told my MP that if DC wants to win the next election, to ditch the Bill, DC will take some flak but
    it would be the smart move if he wants to win the next election IMO,
    Has he the guts to turn? let’s hope so! If he does dump it could be the the failed attempt to dismantle the NHS will be forgotten if the economy starts to turn in the right direction. My intention is to highlight the Tory deceit by any means I can, to ensure the Tories attempts to detox the Bill fail. If enough people continue with the fight it may be possible..

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