What have the Lib Dems done?

I would love to think that the Lib Dems spend their free time the same way that I do: fretting over the future of the NHS and the health of our society. It saddens me to say that I don’t think this is the case.Image

My trust in democracy, my belief in an elected government that keeps it’s promises has long been destroyed. Nevertheless I cannot lose my faith in human conscience. If Labour are only figthing the NHS’ corner because it will win them election points, right now I don’t care. They are saying (some) things I want to hear, and now I want the Liberal Democrats to prove that they still have human consciences’. We, the people, it seems do not have the power to influence any decisions the government make. The Lib Dems still do and it is time to put people before power.

A few actions to do in the next few days are found here:


These include:

  • Write to your (or someone else’s) Lib Dem MP Now and ask them to vote against the Bill.
  • Tweet Lib Dem MPs about the opposition day on Tuesday 
  • Write/Twitter to Lib Dem Lords and ask them to vote against the Bill

Please get involved, and get your friends involved too. 

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1 Response to What have the Lib Dems done?

  1. Tristram Wyatt says:

    Some useful tools for emailing and tweeting LibDem MPs and Peers are at


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