Do Something!


There seem to be a lot of petitions going around, and since they’re quick and easy to sign, you may as well sign all of them!

NHS Support Federation:

Save our NHS:

38 Degrees:

Still inspired and have energy to spare? Here are 10 other quick actions that you can do:

1. Write to or visit your MP –  if you need some pointers on what to say, just get in touch!

  • copy in Andrew Lansley as health secretary
  • and David Cameron as Prime Minister

2. Attend local meetings and events to find out more.

3. Make friends and build a networks – 38 Degrees can help you here

4. Talk to your GP. Ask them what they think and if they would call a patients’ meeting. There are plenty of patient groups out there you can join in with.

5. Write to local media, plan visual stunts, ask if they would like to interview you on air

6. Talk about how much you ‘Love The NHS‘ and post our blogs on your Facebook and Twitter so others can see just how much you care.

7. Collect positive NHS stories + write a blog

8. Put up posters/distribute flyers

9. Collect signatures for a petition

10. Email and tell us what you’ve done or to find out how to join us!

11 Responses to Do Something!

  1. Emily Ward says:

    No desicion about us without us.
    If the reforms really want to help ‘the front line staff’ as they so often claim then why not try listening to our points!!
    See the link for the BMA’s main objections, in independent body representing US.

  2. Emma Rogan says:

    Show Doctor’s they are not on their own in opposing the Governments health bill. Lobby the BMA’s regional Council – Thurs 17th Feb 6pm onwards. See link blow for flyer and more details.

    Click to access 20110217BMA.pdf

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  5. Sue Ackroyd says:

    patient choice is a misleading term, it’s choice of where you get treated not how

    • nikki jenkins says:

      Not so sure on that Sue. I WOULD LIKE to be treated at a hospital, any hospital, not involved previously in my negligent care/cover ups BUT despite requesting this, the only two options I get are the two involved in my negligent care. Got to keep me in the “circle of deceit”. I get no choice…so I refuse care.

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  9. Christelle Blunden says:

    Dear anyone in Wessex there in an open panel discussion on the NHS reforms at Southampton General hospital May 25th 6-8pm, Lecture Theatre one. Our speakers include Wendy Savage of Keep our NHS Public, A representative from the DoH, two leading GPs involved in commissioning and a labour MP. It should be a very interesting and thought-provoking discussion!

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