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The UK government wants to ruin the NHS by giving it away to the Big Society.
Well here we are: we are the Big Society NHS and we think their ideas stink.

We are a consortium of NHS Professionals, Public Health Organisations and people that are concerned with the government’s plans to undermine the NHS.  The UK Government wants to open up healthcare in the UK to private healthcare companies as part of their vision of a “Big Society”.  If the Government wants to let private health firms in by the back-door, then we are going to take up their call for a “Big Society” and start to get involved in their decisions now.

In The Big Society NHS doctors, nurses, allied healthcare professionals, patients and the public will come together to oppose and disrupt the Government’s damaging plans for the NHS.  Now that’s a vision of the “Big Society” we can be proud to be a part of.


2 Responses to About

  1. abetternhs says:

    Fantastic work, great blog too.
    How about a day of industrial action? All GPs to stop using Choose and Book, the program on which the purchaser-provider split/ GP commissioning depends and is the gateway in for private providers? At our regional BMA meeting last night we agreed unanimously that this would be targeted action that would focus on the worst aspects of the bill and wouldn’t put patient’s at risk. It would need a nationwide movement to be effective. We thought April 1st would be symbolic. Choose and Book Doomsday: April 1st

  2. PinkPolitika says:

    Hope you find these e-notes also supportive: http://pinkpolitika.wordpress.com/tag/nhs/
    Best wishes

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